Golf Tips

  1. The simple chip shot is often overshadowed by the desire to work on the full swing. Around the green, setup a little straighter, with your weight more on the front foot. Use the same stroke you would with your putter and just brush the top of the grass with your stroke. By giving the grass a haircut, you’ll shave strokes off your game.
  2. Do you know your game? Like Tiger, your “A” game is not always there. Learn your strengths and play to them. Lay up to yardages with your favourite clubs instead of “going for it”.A little course management will lead to consistently lower scores.
  3. Want to hit it further? Just stretch. Stretching helps create more width in the back swing resulting in a bigger swing arc and more club head speed. Swing with a smooth tempo and let the club head do the work.
  4. When the wind blows, swing slow. Swinging harder can cause backspin forcing the ball to rise into the wind. Instead, tee the ball a little lower and swing with a nice smooth tempo. This will help the ball cut through the wind giving you more distance.
  5. Properly fitted clubs are the key to a good golf game. Some things to check are: lie angle, shaft flex or stiffness and length. Properly fitted clubs can help add distance and control to help take your game to new heights. Remember, always contact your local CPGA professional to ensure you are being fitted properly.